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Breast Reconstruction Gallery

Case #1

Patient in her 30s presented for breast reconstruction after left breast radiation and bilateral breast cancer. Dr. Mussman performed bilateral latissimus dorsi muscle flap and silicone implant breast reconstruction. She underwent nipple reconstruction at a later date.

Case #2

Patient in her 50s presented for breast reconstruction revision. Her concerns were lack of defined fold under her right breast and left breast size increase and lift.

Case #3

Patient in her 60’s presented several years after bilateral mastectomy and left breast radiation. She underwent bilateral reconstruction from her abdomen with TRAM flaps.

Case #4

Patient in her 70’s presented for breast reconstruction. General surgery performed a left sided mastectomy for breast cancer prevention at the patient’s request. Dr. Mussman performed a bilateral pedicled TRAM flap reconstruction from abdominal tissue. Nipples were reconstructed with regional flaps and full thickness skin grafts. Shown here are the early post-op photos.

Case #5

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