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Large Ventral Hernia Repair

Case #1

Patient in her 30’s presented on referral after an infected abdominal mesh had been removed.Her skin was closed on top of a large hernia below.Her hernia could not safely be reconstructed using traditional techniques.Dr. Mussman performed an abdominal panniculectomy of the lower abdomen skin and fat to decrease chances of wound healing difficulty and infection.He also performed a component separation hernia repair that allows the abdominal core to be reconstructed by disassembling the three layers of the lateral abdominal wall.The patient recovered well without hernia recurrence.

Case #2

Patient in his 40’s presented with very large 30 centimeter by 21 centimeter abdominal hernia sustained after a remote complicated abdominal surgery. His hernia could not be reconstructed with traditional hernia techniques.Dr. Mussman was able to reconstruct the hernia with removal of the hernia sac and mobilization of the abdominal wall with component separation technique.Dr. Mussman chose to reinforce the hernia repair with acellular dermal matrix and mesh. The patient has recovered well without hernia recurrence.

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