Skin Cancer Excision (Removal) and Reconstruction

In this beautiful sun-drenched Arizona landscape, it is important to diligently protect yourself from the sun.  Excess exposure to the sun’s rays can lead to advanced ageing and the development of skin cancer.

The vast majority of skin cancer falls into one of three cancer types; melanoma, basal cell cancer, or squamous cell cancer.  Basal cell cancer and squamous cell cancer are the most common types of skin cancers.  They are thought to be a result of chronic daily sun exposure over a lifetime.  This is why they frequently erupt in areas with chronic sun exposure such as the face and forearms.  Melanoma is thought to be associated with extreme sunburns.  While melanoma represents only 4% of all skin cancers, it represents 80% of skin cancer related deaths.  The vast majority of skin cancers can be prevented with generous daily application of SPF 50 sun block containing zinc oxide to all sun exposed areas.  Physical sun blocks such as hats, shirts, and quick-dry surfer rash guards are also strongly encouraged.  It is thought that the majority of sun exposure (90%) is encountered before 20 years of age.  This is why proper sun protection principles need to be encouraged and reinforced early in children’s lives.   Dr. Mussman encourages incorporating the daily application of sun block into the morning routine of brushing teeth and performing general hygiene.

If you have a suspicious lesion, spot, or mole on your skin, it is important to see Dr. Mussman or another physician immediately.  Skin cancer is much less destructive and much less deadly if caught and treated early.  Dr. Mussman treats Basal Cell Cancer, Squamous Cell Cancer, Melanoma, and all other types of skin cancer.

Dr. Mussman also partners with MOHS trained dermatologists when appropriate to combine the excision power of MOHS technique with the reconstructive finesse of plastic surgery.  Most skin cancers can be treated with comfortable, in-office excision and repaired during the first office visit.  As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Mussman takes pride in repairing the defect after skin cancer excision in the least deforming and most aesthetic way possible.

Dr. Mussman will be glad to discuss concerns with you during the consultation process and outline a treatment plan.  Please call for an appointment if you are interested in skin cancer excision and reconstruction.

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